To the Gentleman With Whom I Just Had an Encounter: Perhaps, because you are old, and male, and white…or perhaps because you are alone, and rich enough to live in Old Town after your retirement, or perhaps because I am young, and polite looking, or perhaps because despite living here for five years I still look like the Country Girl from Michigan that I am, you think you can get away with your behavior.
Not Today.
You do not get to catcall me. And you sure as fuck do not get to touch me.
I am a Couling. And a Woman. And a Soldier in the Revolution. And when you come for me you are going to learn what it is to come for me. I have no problem following you for a block through a nice neighborhood so I can continue to shout at you. I hope the stress from it gives you a heart attack. And also, if you didn’t want to hear that kind of language come out of the mouth of a “young lady” you shouldn’t have given me a reason. You shouldn’t have fucked with a Feminist.
‪#‎riseup‬ ‪#‎fightingthepatriarchy‬ ‪#‎nottoday‬


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